P20 sun cream

p20 sun cream

For this price we got the flight to the maldives and an all inclusive stay for 8 days. Goodbye norway hello paradise, the norwegian winters can be long and dark and it is always nice to have something to look forward too. And this trip was something that we had been looking forward to for quite some time :-). Sunday april 4th we took of from Sola airport in Stavanger and flew to copenhagen and from there we flew to vienna using Tyrolean Airways. In vienna we didnt have much time and we went to the gate to get on board the lauda air flight to male. We got a couple of surprises at this point. First of all the flight was scheduled to have a stop in Dubai which we didnt know about. And the second surprise was that lauda air used a boeing 737-800 for this flight.

It is always great to sit down with a book and read about your destination and look forward to the trip. But when thinking back i think that we could have done without the book. The maldives is a fairly small country with a limited history. And like most people that go to the maldives we ended up staying at just one resort island. The island that we stayed at was covered by just a few sentences edirectory in after the book and there was not much we learnt from that. I think that it is better to get information about the island you are going to from people that have been there already. I have included some links in the end of this trip report that might be helpful. We bought the tickets for our trip to the maldives through a company in Norway called Messereiser/Paradisreiser. On their page you can find which different resorts they can offer. We went for Sun Island resort and as it was still the high season we had to pay about.500 Norwegian kroner per person (about 2100/2500).

p20 sun cream
it is nice and warm all year long and the average temperature is 29 to 32 degrees Celsius. The maldives covers an area.000 km but 99 of this is actually sea. It is easy to see this when you fly from the capital Male to your resort island :-). We stayed at a resort called Sun Island (the name of the island is actually nalaguraidhoo) and it is located in the south Ari Atoll. To get there from the capital Male you have to take either a 30 minute sea plane flight or go there by boata trip that will take about 2 hours. We chose to go for the sea plane option (which cost a bit more than the boat) and we dont regret that because it was amazing to see the islands from the air. Sun Island is operated. Villa hotels and they also own other resorts such as Fun Island, royal Island, paradise Island and Holiday island. Preparations before the trip, to help us plan our trips we normally buy a guidebook and this time we went for the lonely Planet book about the maldives.
p20 sun cream

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Instead of relaxing on a beach, i was struggling to get to the top of Kibo and it was hard work. I guess it was there and then I promised myself that the next vacation would be a nice relaxing holiday on a beach somewhere. In the beginning of 2004 a colleague payot showed me the website which had some amazing pictures of Sun Island. We also have some friends that had been to sun Island and they were kind enough to share their photos and experiences with. All in all there was many a contributing factor that led us to paradise. A bit about the maldives and Sun Island. The maldives is a group of small islands located south west of India.

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p20 sun cream

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p20 sun cream

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A short summary, this is a trip report from the trip that my wife egel nikki and I went on during Easter of 2004. Sun Island in the maldives in the period April 4th to April 12th. This was a pure beach vacation so i can summarize it few words: sun, beach, sea, snorkeling, relaxing with a good book and a cold drink :-). I have tried to divide the page into 2 sections: a bit about our stay at the island and the other section includes more detailed stuff. I have also included a map of Sun Island on the pages to help you get your bearings. Get in touch if you have any questions or comments about the trip. Prelude, when I was standing on the slopes of Kilimanjaro last year i kept thinking Why didnt I just spend my money on a beach vacation with my wife.

P20 sun cream
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    i guess it is something to think about before you lay down under a palm tree :-) Time to go homealready? We left the jetty by the Italian restaurant at about 5 pm and we went out in an open boat with about 8 people. In the horizon we could see one cloud with an internal thunderstorm which lit up the cloud itself.

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    Me on the other handwell, shame. The check in was fast and after writing down our details we were fitted with blue wrist bands to indicate that we were there on an all inclusive stay. Villa hotels and they also own other resorts such as Fun Island, royal Island, paradise Island and Holiday island. I used it last year on a walking holiday and have bought more for this years summer sun holiday abroad.

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    And the second recommendation I have is to take lots and lots of picturesI guess some of them have to come out right :-). But at night they had feeding of the rays near the service jetty on the west side of the island. The paved roads around the island would have been perfect for roller blades.

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    There were also quite a lot of manta rays and maybe even sting rays (Im not quite sure how to tell the difference). There were lots of other excursions that we didnt try (follow the dolphins, hello neighbors, sunrise fishing etc.) Sports facilities One of the reasons why we thought Sun Island was appealing was the fact that it has quite a lot of facilities on the island. The maldives is a muslim country and from what I have heard and read they remove stuff like alcohol, drugs, pornography, pork meat etc. Sun cream comes in different prices and qualities and this time i had decided to go for a sun screen called riemann P20 ( ).

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