Estee perfume review

estee perfume review

It is totally worth the price. I love it and will definitely repurchase. Sidenotes, don't be nice.

They all said that they were going to take a look at it at Macys, and I was glad! It always feels good to be complimented, so i guess you have to share rode your secret every once in awhile. This just might become my signature scent, Im not too sure yet though! I wouldnt want too many people wearing the same scent as me when it comes to parties! Well anyways this perfume is a one of a kind, you cant really perfumes like these anymore, most perfumes now a days smell either super fruity or sweet, or really spicy, or too strong, or they just might stink! But the azure perfume is absolutely perfect! Overall, this is an excellent fragrance, it brings attention towards you but its not too strong or offensive. It has a classic pleasant smell, nothing granny like though! No negative comments about it at all! Its great for the young too! You will get so many compliments with this perfume trust me!

estee perfume review
You smell so good! What perfume are you wearing? I felt so great about it when everyone was complimenting me! I told them that it was called azure and it was. Estee lauder, and some said hm, must be expensive right? I know you like expensive things! I laughed it off, and told them that it wasnt expensive at all! They were surprised when I told them the price!
estee perfume review

Estee, lauder azuree perfume review : Now Smell This

Estee lauder fragrances since i was a child, i remember my mom and grandmother using it face before we would go out to church on Sundays. Its kind of like a pastime of mine so i seem to have a certain bond with. Well I purchased this perfume at Macys, i wasnt even planning on buying perfume, but as I was just passing by the beauty section, a representative came up to me and asked me if I would like a sample, and I said sure! He sprayed it on my wrist, strakker and it smelled really nice! I fell in love with the fragrance as soon as I smelled it, and I just had to buy it! So i bought it right there without hesitation at the store, and the total came up to be around.00! I was amazed and surprised that it priced at that price, im so used to buying good quality perfumes that are priced over.00, so i was happy when I learned that it was lower than that. Plus, i know that. Estee lauder is a good quality and trusted brand, so i knew I wasnt going to get anything I would regret, nothing cheap or something too strong or just flat out bad quality.

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estee perfume review

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Estee, lauder Pleasures : Perfume, review « bois de jasmin

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Estee, lauder beautiful love : Perfume, review « bois

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estee perfume review

Estee, lauder Sensuous Nude perfume review : Now Smell

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Estee, lauder Sensuous perfume review : Now Smell This

Reviews perfume estee lauder azure perfume, it definitely is going in my favorites vocado of perfumes, and that's a pretty tough list to get. So i bought it right there without hesitation at the store, and the total came up to be around.00. I was amazed and surprised that it priced at that price, i'm so used to buying good quality perfumes that are priced over.00, so i was happy when I learned that it was lower than that. Plus, i know that Estee lauder is a good quality and trusted brand, so i knew I wasn't going to get anything I would regret, nothing cheap or something too strong or just flat out bad quality. I absolutely love this perfume! It definitely is going in my favorites of perfumes, and thats a pretty tough list to get on! This perfume has a great scent, its very pleasant and its not too strong either! Ive been familiar with.

Estee perfume review
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    Estée lauder Private collection Jasmine White moss is available in 30 ml Parfum (jeweled cap as shown above, 325 30 (80) and 75 (135) ml eau de parfum (textured gold cap and a limited edition solid perfume pendant (shown below, limited edition 195). Estee lauder Bronze goddess Soleil is available in 100 ml eau fraiche for 55; the notes include citron, bergamot, tangerine, lavender, petitgrain, pittosporum, neroli, orange blossom, jasmine sambac, grapefruit tree blossom, pink lily, blonde woods, iris, ambrette seed and crystalline musks. Worn lightly (which isn't hard to do since it's a light scent it really functions as something of a background smell and an immediate mood-lifter.

  2. Fuwegy hij schrijft:

    I would wear it anywhere without embarrassment. Bronze goddess Soleil might be the new version for someone who doesn't like coconut. I was surprised to learn that the newly released Modern Muse was. Tuberose gardenia and, amber Ylang Ylang it goes on big — estée lauder does not, in general, go for little wispy fragrances.

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    It's also greener, and the citrus lasts longer before fading into the heart, which has less of a tropical floral feel (if there's gardenia, it's no longer noticeable). It's closer to a unisex, in case you found the original too feminine. She is the heroine of her own life, always following her own instinct.

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    Like the early stages, it's been smoothed over to within an inch of its life. And hey, take a look at the solid perfume pendant below. The jasmine is dewy and diffusive but not particularly sparkling after the first 5 seconds, and jasmine-phobes need not fear, there's nothing even slightly indolic or heady about the floral notes used here (the whole list: mandarin, tuberose, lily, honeysuckle, dewy petals, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla. Still, i'll be surprised if it's going to cause a stir every year in the way that Bronze goddess has.

  5. Qukaz hij schrijft:

    And in the summer, it's one of those no-thought-required, works-anywhere-anytime fragrances that everyone needs in their arsenal. I would like me one of those. Sensuous was a pretty comprehensive scent statement?1 Regardless, it is true that the house does not release pillar fragrances at any great rate, and a new one is always welcome. The heart is a jasmine-based floral.

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