Cold laser therapy devices for sale

cold laser therapy devices for sale

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cold laser therapy devices for sale
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cold laser therapy devices for sale

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Cold Lasers And Cold Laser Therapy Equipment for sale (buy

Frequently Asked questions, yes. Bioflex Laser Therapy is non-toxic, non-invasive, and will not interact with any medications you may be taking. The laser can also be safely used over metal implants, pacemakers, and other devices. The treatment is entirely painless. Some clients may experience a mild warmth and/or tingling sensation during the treatment. After the first or second treatment sessions, it is common to feel mild tenderness in the area, similar to what you feel after a day of housework or after a good workout. This happens because of increased blood flow and circulation to the treated areas.

cold laser therapy devices for sale

This light is very concentrated and targets the deepest affected tissues, including bone. In combination, these steps lead to the reduction and eventual elimination of pain and restored mobility. Visit our, bioFlex Cold Laser dress Therapy page to learn more about why we chose to use bioflex instead of other brands of Cold Laser Therapy systems. What to Expect, the number of suggested treatment sessions will depend on the type and severity of your condition. Typically, results may be experienced within 3-5 treatments. Full resolution can take anywhere from 5 to 30 treatments. For very severe or chronic conditions, it may be recommended to continue with maintenance treatments once every 1 to 3 months to maintain positive results.

Step 1 and Step 2 use different, but have similar looking pads. The pads are placed in one or more prescribed positions over the area to be treated. The first of these pads emits visible red light at a wavelength of 660. The second pad emits invisible infrared light at a wavelength of 840. During the 3rd step a trained laser therapist uses a wand emitting a focused laser light at a wavelength of 830 nm pointing towards the interior cells to be treated. The laser therapist will gently place the laser wand on the skin for a few seconds and then slightly move the wand to a new position, repeating this process for the prescribed amount of treatment time. This movement is needed to ensure the laser wands narrowly focused beam of light reaches the entire area to be treated.

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When we experience pain or inflammation from a problem or injury in an area of our body, the normal cellular processes slow down and our body has trouble healing as a result. Blood flow to these areas also gets interrupted, which restricts the ability of important nutrients to be delivered to the cells that need to heal. The science, scientific research conducted over the last few decades has shown that human cells heal better and faster when the right wavelengths of light energy get delivered to them. Cold Laser Therapy is a breakthrough solution for musculoskeletal pain because it shines a concentrated amount of only helpful wavelengths of light vital for healing (which are in the red and infrared parts of the spectrum) directly on targeted areas. This allows the bones, ligaments, and tissues deep inside our bodies to be exposed to the healthy light that otherwise cannot reach these areas. By delivering just the helpful parts of the light spectrum, the overall laser light power can be kept at very low and therefore very safe levels, which will not burn or otherwise harm the skin or any other tissues.

How does Cold Laser Therapy work? Cold Laser Therapy delivers light based energy to cells, helping to accelerate the bodys natural healing process at the cellular level. It targets injured cells, resulting in elimination and prevention of pain, reduction of inflammation and swelling, and improved range of motion. Laser therapy does not just mask the pain, it actively stimulates healing to resolve musculoskeletal conditions for the long term. Various depths reached by bioflex Cold Laser Therapy. The bioflex Cold Laser Therapy system is a three step process using three different and very specific wavelengths of light administered by a trained laser therapist. The first step uses a red light pad at 660 nm, which gets absorbed by the cells of the skin and underlying superficial muscle layers, reducing sensitivity caused in those areas. The second step uses an infrared light pad at 840 nm, reaching deeper into the muscle layers as well as the tendons and ligaments to reduce inflammation and heal damaged tissues. The third step includes an infrared laser wand at 830 nm that is specifically placed over the source of pain.

Used Cold Lasers for Sale, buy used Low level Laser Equipment

As long as we are serum exposed to enough regular sunlight, our skin absorbs the light we need and our cells can use it for many of their normal functions. If our cells are working normally, then our bodies are able to withstand different stresses from day to day activities and heal various ailments. Light therapy is not a new concept. It has been and continues to be used by doctors to treat a wide variety of conditions. For example, light has shown to be effective for treating many skin conditions including psoriasis and acne, depression and even tuberculosis before there were medications. Most people who suffer from arthritis can attest to the fact that their pain usually reduces or even completely subsides during the summer months or on a vacation to a sunny destination. Vitamin d, critical for keeping our bones healthy and strong, is created in our bodies by a process that requires sunlight. In places where there isnt much sunlight available year round, people are usually encouraged to take vitamin D supplements during the darker months to help support their bones and prevent against bone-softening conditions such as rickets (in children) or osteoporosis.

cold laser therapy devices for sale

Used cold laser and low level laser equipment for sale

Healing, not just masking of pain. Safe, drug free no side effects. Avoid or delay the need for surgery. Accelerate and strengthen the bodys natural healing mechanisms. The concept Behind Cold Laser Therapy. The healing power of light, the concept of Cold Laser Therapy is actually quite simple. As humans, light plays a very important role in our existence. Similar to uitslag how plant cells require light for photosynthesis, our cells need light to power many of the normal processes that keep us healthy and happy.

Cold Laser Therapy is also referred to as: Low Intensity laser Therapy (lilt low level Laser Therapy (lllt photobiomodulation Therapy (pbmt). Cold Laser Therapy is an innovative treatment for a variety of acute and chronic often painful conditions. At Solaj Laser wellness Clinic we are bioflex trained and certified. We have multiple laser units and provide our clients vitamine with a friendly and comfortable environment for cold laser treatments. Laser light transfers energy to interior cells. Stimulates natural healing, restores normal cellular structure and function. Prevents future injury, what you will experience: pain goes away, reduced inflammation swelling. Restored mobility, why cold Laser Therapy?

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Cold laser therapy devices for sale
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    910-980nm : Recommended for increasing circulation and one of the most popular wavelengths for class 4 systems. The class of the laser (1 through 4) is largely controlled by the power level from each output beam because they are somewhat proportional to the potential for damage. Clinical Policy bulletin on Cold Laser and High-Power Laser Therapies. Emitters that use a combination of different wavelengths also have a better chance of treating tissue at different depths since different wavelength have different absorption rates and can interact with the cells in different ways.

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    Org is successful, we include a free membership. If we are working with a laser in the 800 to 860nm range, we should expect to see 16 of the energy still available at a depth of 2 cm and some energy is still being transmitted at 3 to. Insurance billing for the servic e: Some cold laser therapies qualify for insurance reimbursement using a standard cold lasers cpt code. At this point in time pink, purple and green lasers are not used by any of the core laser therapy company and there is very little science to prove their value.

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